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Seattle Performance Medicine

Dr. Emily Cooper from Seattle Performance Medicine

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Dr. Cooper is Founder and Director of Seattle Performance Medicine where she specializes in metabolic medicine. She is Board Certified in Obesity, Sports and Family Medicine and is focused on evaluation and treatment of metabolic dysfunction, hypoglycemia and diabetes prevention. After 13 years of operation, Seattle Performance Medicine expanded its metabolism division and has formed the Cooper Center for Metabolism in March 2015. To accommodate the growth the company relocating to a larger space, in the Magnolia area of Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Performance Medicine will continue to provide athlete performance evaluation, firefighter wellness evaluations and conduct sports performance research projects.The Cooper Center for Metabolism will provide diagnosis and treatment in the area of metabolism, specializing in the metabolic basis of obesity, prediabetes and infertility.

In 2013, Dr. Cooper's patented cycling training device the Pro-Climb, LLC thatpermits cyclists to improve hill performance when training indoors utilizing a bike trainer. A pilot study of 8 cyclists showed a 29% greater average improvement in outdoor hill time trial performance in just 8 weeks after utilizing the device in training vs regular training. A prototype device has been developed by UW mechanical engineering department and a commercialization plan is underway.

She has also founded The Diabesity Research Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that is focused on education and research in the areas of obesity and diabetes. By advancing the science of metabolism she hopes to inspire more effective medical care. 

Dr. Cooper regularly appears on KING5 TV, The Get Fit and Be Smart, Be Well program which focused on health and wellness with an emphasis on metabolism. It's an educational program based on an understanding that weight and health are separate issues and that balancing nutrition, exercise and recovery rather than deprivation diets and pushing through pain are what constitutes meaningful and lasting health and fitness! Anchors often share their personal stories.






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Education, Human Rights, Health , Science and Technology, Poverty Alleviation

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